Change of Country

For anyone who has been keeping up with the current events in Cameroon you would know that there have been some major terrorist threats (and actions) taking place in the country. From what I have read in the news the U.S. Ambassador to Cameroon has even been required to stay here in the States because of the high risk environment.

Of course this news has given my parents some cause for concern but because I had yet to hear anything from the PC I thought everything was fine. However, last week I decided to send my placement officer an e-mail just to see if there was a chance that I would be moved to a different county. I just wanted to know sooner rather than later if there was going to be a change.

I expressed my concern about the terrorist threats and explained that I would be open to any other opportunities the PC had for me if it got to the point where volunteers were moved to different countries.

In light of my e-mail the PC offered to move me into a different program. I did not think I would be moved so quickly, I just wanted to know if the possibility was being discussed within the PC.  However, I agreed to be moved to Burkina Faso, where I will still be teaching Secondary English come June 2015.

I feel comfortable with the change though I wish I was leaving sooner.
I’m tired of waiting for what I’ve always wanted.
But I guess they say that good things are worth waiting for.


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