The ONE thing

It is t-minus 4 months and a week (give or take) till I leave for Burkina Faso and I’ve turned into a temporary hoarder.

In order to keep from  looking like a hoarder I have begun to stow things I have bought for my trip in various places in my room. To include: under my bed, behind my couch, in my bookshelf cabinets, in my closet, on my desk, and in my drawers. It is far too soon for me to commandeer the guest room and lay out all my clothes and supplies to take a real inventory so I’ve settled for checking things off my master lists – that I constantly add to anyway.

Besides the current master list I have been keeping other lists on scraps of paper, or via Iphone notes, of more things to buy or pilfer from around the house. Trust me there is a method to the madness and this all has a purpose! I really just want to avoid the huge scramble to buy tons of things right before I leave because that will just end with me forgetting something.

As an avid traveler I know that I will always forget at least one thing. The hope is always that the one thing isn’t huge. The lists help to negate the hugeness of the one thing so that it’s something that can be easily acquired later.

Also I just like checking things off lists.


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