Beating a dead horse.

Questionnaires seem to be the Peace Corps favorite thing in the entire world.

I have answered more questionnaires than necessary at this point in the process. Between the long application (pre-application re-haul), the two application essays, the resume that we had to submit, edit and re-submit 3x, the “aspiration statement,” skills addendum, the teachers training quiz, handbook and 4MAT lessons, the host-family placement questionnaire, and pre-service training arrival questionnaire. I am mentally done with answering the same questions over and over.

There are only so many times I can explain what my skills are, what my hobbies are, what my job experience is, and why I joined the Peace Corps.

I feel like I’m applying to a dating website. But then I remember that the Peace Corps is a government agency, and just like all government agencies, paperwork and asking infinite questions really are their favorite things in the world.


One Reply to “Beating a dead horse.”

  1. You point out a remarkable inability to aggregate, streamline, and share a single person’s data among various offices within a single agency.

    The alternative is worse: a single agency with the ability to aggregate and share your data across the government.

    Never mind that much of the data you point to, for most applicants anyway, is likely compiled somewhere on Facebook, Twitter, and elsewhere!

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