F*ck it, lets just go already.

What’s been going on?
A culmination of events has led to a packing of my parents house with people of my clan. In layman’s terms: family members that don’t live in my parents house are coming to visit.

My older brother has arrived from California and my Granddad will come from Michigan in due time. They are both here for their own reasons, that don’t involve me leaving, but I’m just going to pretend they are here for me.

In the mean time, I have completed my pre-pre-services training that I complained about before -Honestly, 4 assignments and 2 questionnaires. Who has the time or the desire?- and my Staging was moved back to the 4th of June, and it will be held in Philadelphia. A few days will be spent there getting to know some PC staff, meeting fellow Education volunteers, and doing some pre-departure safety training before we all fly off to Burkina Faso on June 7th.

Otherwise, I’ve been a grade A bum all month if you don’t count going to the movies, reading, organizing my Granddad’s visit, watching tons of TV, and running errands for my mom.

How do I feel?
I still feel little to nothing about leaving. Well, maybe the occasional burst of sadness when my mom says she’ll miss me or says that she doesn’t know what she will do with herself when I’m gone. But I much prefer to ignore those comments and focus on the statement she made yesterday, because I feel it makes the most sense in regards to my departure, “It’s like when it was time for me to deploy [overseas while in the Army], I didn’t really want to go but the sooner I left the sooner I could get back. So fuck it, lets just go already.”

How’s packing going?
I’m pretty sure that I basically have everything I need at this point- which probably means that at the last minute I’ll need like 30 things. But I feel good about my haul. I’m not too worried about the baggage limitations (2 checked bags that don’t exceed 50lbs each and are within 107 inches LxWxH, with the largest piece not exceeding 62 inches. Along with a carry on that doesn’t exceed 42 inches and a personal item) because I’m going away for 2 years and if I have to pay extra fees than fine. I think I’ll actually start packing in a few days.

Some of the stuff I'm bringing. This pile doesn't even include clothes or electronics.
Some of the stuff I’m bringing. This pile doesn’t even include clothes or electronics.

In summation
I’m ready to go! I’m not nervous and I hope that feeling lasts.


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