What are you doing for your birthday? Packing…

Packing is no joke friends! NO JOKE!

I spent 3 days packing, in fits and starts, and I was still packing when I walked out the door to head to my staging in Philly.

Really the issue is the weight of my bags. Everything fits just fine but when I realized just how overweight the bags were my dad had me second guessing if I was going to be able to check them at all. As in, “Ericka, those bags are so heavy they probably won’t let you pay fees, they are just going to make you take things out and get rid of it.” This has led me to shift some things around to make it fall within the “acceptable” overweight limit of 9 lbs.

My duffel bag was so heavy that I didn’t think I would be able to carry both my backpack and my duffel so I ended up with a backpack and 3 suitcases. All 3 sizes. This of course has made it a MAJOR struggle to roll my bags around unless I have some help. So hopefully this won’t become a problem.

Anyway, besides packing I spent the last few days trying to milk as much affection out of my parents as possible before I leave. I think it is starting to actually hit me that I’m like…leaving, for a really long time. I’m not going to lie I have cried several times. My mom has been doing a great job helping me pull it together.

Now that I’m in Philly for staging I fell good knowing that the ball is rolling on my journey to Burkina Faso but some part of me still finds it hard to believe I’m actually doing this.

I will post my packing list when I have time to make sure it is accurate to what I actually packed. In the mean time, here are some pictures of my messy packing process.




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