Model School

The cours de vacance, or model school, takes place for a month every summer so Education volunteers can have a chance to practice writing lesson plans and teaching. Since there are only English teachers in my group 2 Burkinabe teachers have been invited to teach other lessons in order to round out the curriculum. Thus, there are English classes, math classes, and science classes. Everyone was divided into groups of 3 and the three people teach on one education level for 2 weeks before moving to another level.

Ms. Burns, another volunteer and one of my teaching partners doing a reading excersize.
Ms. Burns, another volunteer and one of my teaching partners doing a reading excersize.
Right now I’m teaching 5ème so the students have taken 1 English class in school so far. My group decided to start at the beginning of 5ème book and teach the past tense. The first day we all taught together for 2 hours, dividing up the lesson into different parts so we each got a chance to teach. It went really well but it was hard because at the beginning of the lessons students were too shy to participate but as the lesson went on it got so much better.

We had a few talkative students who I ended up having to give stern looks (I’m such a disciplinarian…not really) and ended up confiscating a wonderful drawing of Goku from Dragon Ball Z because it was being passed around in a group of boys.


I facilitated the practice sections and had the students as a partner what they did yesterday, then had a few of them write the answers on the board so they could be corrected by the class. Giving the instructions was a struggle! I gave them in English first but they didn’t seem to understand. So I gave the instructions in French but then they thought I wanted them to do the activity in French! However, it all managed to work out after I explained again in French then did an example in English with my teaching partners. I managed to get 5 people to write their sentences on the board and we corrected them as a class. Only 1 of them had a verb that wasn’t in the past tense so I felt sooooo accomplished!!

Tomorrow I’ll be teach months of the year and the days of the week by myself. Hopefully it goes off without a hitch (or as few hitches as possible)!


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