First 3 Hours of “Real” Teaching 

Oh goodness, teaching is tiring! 

So last week I taught for a total of 3 hours and I now feel sorry for every teacher I have ever had. Teaching is a workout for both mind, body, and self control (aka keeping myself from getting mad at students who are wing bad and yelling at them). 

Last week I though months of the year and days of the week, a practice lesson on telling time, and a review lesson on past tense and telling time- all while being monitored by Peace Corps staff so I can get feedback on my teaching methods. 

The classes overall went well. According to my review, my classes were dynamic an engaging. However, as to be expected from me, I talk to fast sometimes. (Anyone who knows me knows this is a fact in my everyday life).

Also, I when students are reading aloud I needed to correct mispronunciation right away instead of just waiting until the end and having the whole class do it.

I had to kick one kid out of class for continually laughing at students for mispronouncing words and having his phone out- not surprisingly it’s the same kid I confiscated a drawing from. 

I was told by staff (who are Burkinabé) that it is totally normal to have to kick out several students a class for being disruptive, so I’m not a tyrant!

Right now I feel pretty confident as a teacher, I just need to adjust to the strain that it puts on you, and prepare myself for having 70 students in a class and not 25…classroom management will probably be the thing that kills me in the end. However, ça va aller. 


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