Bonne Arrivée  

After a crazy long time waiting to be accepted by the Peace Corps, 3 months of training, and 2 days of shopping, I have finally arrived in my village!

I was delivered to my new home around 10 a.m. today and was greeted by my new host family (aka my neighbors, landlords and community homologue rolled into one), and a troop of children who helped the Peace Corps driver and the host family (HF) unload the car. 

Though the car was filled to the brim, along with a table and bike on the roof, it didn’t take long to get everything inside. 

so much stuff!
The driver, a very awesome man who has been working for the PC for 18 years, and my community homologue (Mr.B) then put together my bed, gas stove, changed my locks, fixed my gate, and moved furniture around for me.

After the driver left- I promise I didn’t cry or anything when the car pulled away- I spent the afternoon trying to unpack, taking naps, and calling other new volunteers to see how their first days are going since I was the last person to get sent to site. 


From my front porch
I have yet to properly saluate anyone in Jula, or go around saying hi to all my neighbors, but that will happen soon enough. Until then it’s unpacking, figuring out what else I still need to buy to finish furnishing my house, and building up the courage to cook with a gas stove that requires you to use a lighter or match…

My house looks much more welcoming with the bushes cut back!

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