N togo ko Koratessi 

I’ve found that people here have a little trouble with my name (and all other western names really). According to Burkinabé my name is pronounced “Eh-dee-ka.” Which I’ve come to accept 100%. 

(It’s only fair, a lot people get their names butchered when they come to the U.S. and sometimes take western names). 

To remedy this pronunciation problem, or just because it makes us feel like part of the community, some volunteers are given new names by their host families at their training site or by someone in their host village. 

Finally, after 3 months of being in country I have been given a new name.

 It happened rather unceremoniously today when an elderly lady, called the “Vielle Christian” (aka old Christian) by my neighbor, dropped by for a visit. 

Because the two spoke Cerma (a common local language in my village that I speak zero of) I had no idea what they were saying. However, apparently she asked my name. When my neighbor translated it to French, I was able to give my name in Joula “N togo ko Ericka.”

Since she had such trouble saying it she decided my new name is Koratessi or Korate for short. 

Thus, in French, “Je m’appelle Koratessi,” or in Joula, “N togo ko Koratessi.” 


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