Reunion and Water 

Countdown to the start of school has begun. 
All of the teachers and students are slowly starting to make their way back to village from summer vacation. Primary school begins next week but Secondary starts on October 1st. 

Yesterday was the first “reunion” for the secondary school. Thus, I was finally able to meet most of my colleagues. There are 20 teachers at my school, including myself, and 18 of them are men. I’m not sure how common this is throughout Burkina but the other volunteers in my group (G32) seem to be surprised when I mention it so I’m guessing it’s not all that common. 

Anyway, during the reunion the veteran teachers (everyone except me and another teacher who are new this year) discussed the number of students in each class and issues regarding class size from the previous year. There will be another meeting on the 28th. Hopefully then I will know what grades I’m teaching because it’s still a little up in the air. The Headmaster intends to discuss it with the other 3 English teachers, but it seems like I will be teaching 6éme or 5éme (aka the students in their 1st year of Secondary school or the 2nd year). 


Burkina Faso school system breakdown. I will teach in Secondary or “middle school”
In other news, the water in village was cut off 2 days ago. No one seems to know why but a neighbor stopped by and told my neighbor that the water was off in the center of town so it would slowly be turning off in the entire village. Since we live further out from the center we had about an hour of water left before it finally shut off completely. It gave my neighbor and I enough time to fill up anything we could with water. Thankfully I bought a trash can, that comes up to my waist, these sort of occasions, and I also have my water filter the PC gives volunteers all filled up. I’m not concerned about running out of water but I plan to be very conservative about my usage. 


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