Trouble in Burkina

As of yesterday Interim President Michel Kafando, the Prime Minister, and several other officials were taken hostage by members of the military guard. The UK and France were the first countries to officially call this a “military coup.”

Currently, there are protest in major cities against the military guard. 

The news has spread slowly throughout my village, and there is some talk about the situation. Apparently in Bobo, Ouaga, and Banfora no one is going outside because of protest or fear of protest. As well, it seems that people are concerned that the situation will put the October 11th Presidential elections on hold, and disturb the chance for a peaceful democracy. 

In other news: the water is back on in my village! Apparently the motor that pumps water to the taps in village is quiet old, and decides it needs a break sometimes. 

For more information on the situation in Burkina


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