First Day of Class

Once again, it was kinda the first day of class. 

I say kinda because I didn’t actually teach a lesson, though I was totally prepared to!

Monday’s, I have one class for two hours. I was fully prepared to start a review lesson on the present tense, but when I showed up to the school my Headmaster said it was best to not teach today, and to just introduce myself and give them the rules of the class. 

Which turned out to be good advice, since only 47 of 76 kids showed up to class today, the chef de classe* was late, I didn’t have a roll call sheet, and I didn’t have any chalk. 

So. I spent 30 minutes introducing myself, having the kids say their names, explaining the rules in English and French, and showing them post cards of Virginia.  Honesty, I wasn’t sure what else to do with them seeing as they had no questions for me about America, and wouldn’t tell me what they wanted to learn to say in class this year. They wouldn’t even answer in French! 

But I’m sure that will get better as they get more comfortable. 

They had some struggles with my last name, which I expected, and most of them refused to give any inclination as to if they understood the rules but I had a student repeat them in French after I also explained them in French so maybe it was ok. 

Just to make sure, I plan to repeat everything tomorrow, and actually write it in the board, before getting started with the actual lesson. 

At least I plan to, if I can get my hands on some chalk. 

*A student, usually chosen by the professeur principal (head teacher), who is in charge of: delivering the classroom materials, and acting as liaison between the students and the teachers. 


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