Election Day

Today is Election Day in Burkina! 

As early as 6 A.M. this morning the Burkinabé have been able to head to the polls to cast their votes for the new President, and the new members of Parliment. 

With 14  Presidental, and over 6,944 Parlimentary candidates running for office it has been a crazy week of campaigning. 

As Peace Corps is an apolitical organization I have not attended any political meetings or gatherings, however, I can say that the elections are all the talk in village, and political parties, such as MPP, have been in my village throwing huge dance parties all night long. I’ve spent at least 2 nights this week trying to fall asleep to the sound of the balanfone and people shouting “MPP!” into the night. 

The good thing is that all the campaigning this week has been peaceful, and it would seem that Burkina will be able to bring in their new system of government worry free. With any hope this could mean there is prosperity in Burkina’s future. 

My neighbor’s son, Pascal, and their MPP sign

For more info: Burkina Faso Set for an Electoral Uprising?


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