So….what have I been up to?

It’s been like a month since I’ve blogged, not including the post I just made today about the elections, and I honestly didn’t think much about it till a friend of mine back home sent me a message to tell me I was slacking off. Sorry!

So what have I been up to? Teaching man! 

A solid month of me yelling over the chattering of teenagers, and basking in the morning chill of cold season. 

I’ve started writing a half dozen blogs about a never ending wedding, going to market, the ending to my coup story, trying to see a dancing dead body, and much more. However, I never seem to manage to finish them. Which is probably partially because I have to type them all on my phone seeing as I have no internet on my laptop, excuses excuses. 

All those posts will eventually see the light of day, so don’t worry. 

In the mean time, in a week I will be heading to Ouaga and Koudougou for my “In Service Traning,” aka IST aka I will be out of my first 3 month period as a volunteer! 

Which means I will be able to start some secondary projects outside of teaching. 

From what I’ve gathered from talking to people in village over the past 3 months is that my possible projects could include: 

  1. Building latrines at my school since there is only one. (Literally there is one hole for hundreds of students and faculty people. Most kids just go into the fields to relieve themselves).
  2. Getting books in the schools library, since it was built by the last volunteer but what little books he was able to stalk it with before he left were stolen by the last Headmaster.
  3. Sex-Ed classes for girls, because the school has a pretty high pregnancy rate (at least 5 a year according to the Headmaster).

Other updates: I really think my integration into the community is coming along, I mean it’s been coming along at a snails pace and it’s hard won but it’s coming. However, I could make a whole other post about that, and I plan to. 

I did nothing for Thanksgiving since I kinda forgot about it, and all volunteers are currently on lock down (standfast) due to the elections so I couldn’t go hang out with other volunteers.

I’m going home for Christmas! Yup, I’ll have been here for 6 months come December, and I really want to head home for a bit so right after IST I’ll be taking that long flight home to see some family and friends. Then I will be back in Burkina in time to start the 2nd tri-mester at school. 

In the mean time, I will be giving my 2nd test in my classes next week and finishing up grades by the end of the week. So I’m going to be pretty busy the next couple days. Also, I will try to post more often! Especially once I have access to a computer with internet I will be posting like crazy. 

Till then enjoy the following photos: 


Running buddy

Awkward post run greeting
Women in the cotton fields
Wedding sneak peak


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