Chez Moi

Every Peace Corps volunteer around the world lives in their own house or apartment. They are of different shapes, and sizes but they are all “home” for 2 straight years.

In Burkina Faso I live in a 2 room house that is nothing but solid concrete, and a tin roof. There is no running water and no electricity. 

Chez Moi aka My house

I have a tiny yard walled off my mud bricks. It does an ok job of keeping the neighbors animals out, not the birds obviously, if I remember close the gate. 

6 a.m. visit from my neighbor’s cow

I just recently planted some spinich stalks in my yard. They’re doing well. 


My little garden
My first room is where I keep my desk, a barrel full of water, a water filter, my gas stove and food, my solar powered battery, and some other odds and ends.   

 My second room houses just a bed and a bookshelf. 

I sleep under a mosquito net to keep night crawlers, and malaria at bay.

My shower area and latrine are outside, and open to the sky. 

Walk not 10 steps outside my door, and through my gate, and I am in my neighbors yard. They have a sighot where I get water, so I don’t have to pump it at a well. 



My neighbors house

 That’s home.


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