Attack on Ouaga

Though I’m sure by now most people know this, there was a terrorist attack in Ouaga on January the 15th.

-Sadly, my smartphone decided it wanted to freeze up the day of the attack so I was unable to make any posts or let people know I was Ok until it decided to work again. Thus, I was unable to post anything in relation to the attack and how it is effecting life here.-

The attack took place in downtown Ouagadougou on a popular hotel, and restaurant.

The attack was later claimed by Al-Qaeda.

So what does that mean for volunteers in Burkina?

  1. We will not be evacuating from the country. Peace Corps has decided that though this event was devastating, we are not at any increased risk staying in Burkina.
  2. We have limited access to Ouaga, and this will likely continue throughout the rest of our service.

Though we do not know what the future holds for Burkina in terms of it’s safety, I know that there are still a dedicated group of volunteers that intend to stay in Burkina, and complete our service.

For more information, Burkina Faso: Ouaga terrorist attack death toll rises to 30


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