The 2 Sided Strike- Part 2

After much discussion, and deliberation, between the students, teachers, and government officials; school has been up and running as normal since January 25th after a solid 2 weeks of no school. 

For a time teachers agreed to return to teaching only the classes they are legally required to teach, but not the 11 extra classes they were teaching because the government was unable to provide enough teachers for those classes this school year. 

Because they were in their legal right to stop teaching extra classes the regional government body inch argue of education had no choice but to agree with their offer. 

However, the students still felt they had a right to stop coming to school until all of the classes were back in session. 

In order to remedy this, the regional government offered the hitherto unpaid staff members part of their missing salaries (all the body could afford at the time), if they would go back to teaching ALL the classes. 

Though I did not attend the meeting, I was told that the teachers agreed to the offer, with the stipulation that if they were not paid in full by the end of the 2nd trimester (ending March 18th) they would go back on strike. 

With this tentative agreement in place, school has been able to continue as normal, and I’ve been back in the classroom. 

Wth any hope, this will be the end of the 2 sided strike. 



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