Insufferable Creature 

It’s not uncommon for volunteers to find themselves with pets during their service. 

A dog or a cat can be a comforting presence, and great for keeping down pest populations in the home.

Though Beau, my neighbors dog, often feels like he’s half mine since he loves to follow me around, I decided I wanted a cat in the house to keep mice at bay and eat bugs. 

Thus, I got my hands on this lady…


Insufferable Creature
Now, I am not much of a cat person. (I can’t stand them to be honest). But Creature has a knack for catching bugs, and I have yet to have mice problems like my neighbors, so she’s doing her job. 

So why the name? 

When I first got Creature she was not my biggest fan. She cried constantly at night, making it difficult for me to sleep unless I wore ear plugs, and refused to let me touch her for a good month. 

Coolest eyes ever
I noticed that I kept saying many different versions of the phrase, “hush you insufferable creature!” 

So instead of just calling her “Cat,” I started calling her “Creature.”

Now that she has adjusted to her new environment we are somewhat friends. She likes to rub against my legs when I’m cooking, take naps near me when I’m also napping, and begging me for a piece of whatever I’m eating. (Can you guess which two of those I find very annoying?)


nap buddies
What do you feed a cat when there is no cat food?

There is no Giant or Safeway around here where I can go buy some Fancyfeast, so I feed her just about anything she’s willing to eat! Though usually I feed her dried fish I buy at the market; she also likes oatmeal, rice, pasta, and eggs. 



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