Mo’ money mo’ problems? I wish. 

The end of the 2nd trimester is upon us, and it arrived with not a fizzle but…what’s less than a fizzle? A flicker? A puff of smoke?

Who knows.

The point is the end of the 2nd trimester brought another problem for my Lycée, another money related one no less.

Grading in Burkina Faso is entirely done by hand. Professors fill out the carbon copy report cards for each student at the end of the trimester, and then it is the responsibility of a “Principle Professor,” to calculate each students average. 

The extra responsibility is rewarded with 10,000CFA per trimester. 

Sadly, the lack of money my school has that caused the last strike is still a problem. We don’t have enough money to pay the PPs so they have refused to calculate grades. Thus, students will not be able to get their report cards until the PPs are paid, and they calculate the grades. 

As well, if the Professors don’t receive their missing salary that caused the 2 Sided Stike, we will be on strike again come the third trimester. 

Thus, the trimester just sorta puttered out, with students and professors just slowly leaving village for a 10 day break.

It’s just unfortunate situations  for left and right, and hopefully it will all be sorted out soon. 

In the mean time for me, it’s Let Girls Learn, and language training until the start of the last trimester. 


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