Mango Season aka The Best Season

The hot season in Burkina Faso has one redeeming quality…it means mangoes are in season.


The equivilent to giving a teacher an apple perhaps? 6 mangoes given to me by students.
In March the “Mango Rains,” begin. These rains are just occasional little repreeves in the heat, which can bring some humidity afterwards, that work to help the mango trees start to fruit.  


Pascal’s impressive haul
By mid-March you see the fruits starting to show themselves in the trees. Green, unripe, and alluring. 

This is when young kids are often scolded by parents for trying to eat unrippened mangoes because, “they can make you sick.”     

 By late March and early April they begin to turn from green to orange, and little mango groves everywhere are awash with specks of color. Suddenly, everyone has mango fever!


Even pigs love mango season- discarded skins being gobbled up by a piglet.
During breaks between classes, and after school, you can see students throw rocks, climbing, and using bamboo branches on the mango trees to try to get the higher, riper fruits down.  

Giselle with her bamboo harvester. A metal hook at the end is used to cut the mangoe from the tree.
Harvesting can be a fun activity to do with local kids. They love showing me how it’s done. 


A professional at work
During this time period pretty much every other fruit is out of season, so it looks like I’m stuck enjoying mangoes!   



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