2 Weeks of Formation Fun

Taking a little break from the start and stop of my school, (since we have been on strike for 2 weeks this trimester) I spent the past 2 weeks at different formations.

Food Security
The first was a food security training run by volunteers, and aided by counterparts who are already basically professionals at food security in Burkina.
Just a small group of 17 people (5 volunteers and 12 village counterparts) came to a learn about the importance of food security, nutrition, marketing. As well, we learned how to make tofu, okara gateaux, tomato paste, couscous, and dry tomatoes.

A lot of people seemed to enjoy the more hands on aspect of the training, and I did as well. Especially since it meant we got to eat tons of tofu and gateaux!
I got to help out alongside the counterparts and get to see how a volunteer run training could be planned out.

I’m hoping that eventually I will be able to do a training similar to this one in my village.

Bee keeping

I have been interested in keeping bees for as long as I can remember. Back when I was being considered as a possibly agricultural volunteer I made sure to express interest in learning about bee keeping so despite the fact that I’m an education volunteer I jumped at the opportunity to learn about bees.

Together with 6 other volunteers, and our counterparts, we spent 5 days learning about everything from bee anatomy to commercial honey processing with the people of Apisavana who sell honey (and honey based products, all over Burkina and a few other West African countries.

I would say that the highlight of the formation was getting to go out into the field and harvest honey.

We harvested the honey while wearing protective bee keeping suits, but despite the suits it is still possible to feel the bees crawling all over your body which can cause a bit of anxiety for those of us are not used to the feeling. On top of that the suits do a fantastic job at holding in body heat and the humidity in the air so you spend the entire time sweating more than you have in your entire life. However, it was completely worth it.



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