Rainy Season

From June to September Burkina Faso experiences an average of 23 to 36 inches of rain. Thus, this is the time period when people plant and harvest their most important crops such as corn, millet, beans, sorghum and peanuts.

Though I love the cooling rains, planting season also means that my village is devoid of life during the day because everyone is in the fields.


But early morning and midday rains mean a day of rest for farmers, and everyone else in the village, as no one is particularly interested in getting wet.


These are the days I spend laying around, buried in a good book, because I know no one is expecting to see me out and about in the rain.

I’ve also recently had some trouble with my mud brick walls that make up my courtyard. They are starting to really be bothered by these daily beatings.


The rains also make it difficult to travel as the dirt roads flood terribly. If cars are taking people at all then it can be hard for them to get through the huge puddles in the road. Sometimes people even have to get out of the car so it can traverse the water more easily.

But despite the empty village, the trouble travelling, and the humid days, when that rain starts pouring and starts dropping the temperature to a lovely 70 degrees reminds me of why the rainy season is the best season of the year.



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