International Day of the Girl Child

Gender equality is a subject that PC Burkina is always trying to get volunteers to tackle. Be it through a Let Girls Learn training, a conversation with people in village, a lesson brought up for International Women’s day, or a game played to show children the importance of lightening the load of their sisters so they have a better chance at success; it’s these exchanges that can help make a difference for the girls in these communities. 

The girls that are too busy cooking and cleaning to study for their tests, the ones set to be married before they finish school, the girls that fall pregnant young, the girls who don’t think their smart enough to graduate- or even have the option to- the girls who can’t go to school at all, the girls with no way out. 

No one person can change that 10% of girls in Burkina are married by 15 years old, or change that girls collectively spend 40% more of their time than than boys doing chores. But it’s the collective efforts of the the gym teacher who’s trying to help the girls looking for the money to pay for their educations, it’s the teachers showing girls support and encouragement in class, it’s the Principle who recognize that sexual education at an earlier age will drop the schools pregnancy rate and decrease female drop out rates, and the Mayor who pushes the community to send their girls to school that will make a impact on these girls lives, their futures. 

It’s recognizing that every one of us can do something to encourage and support the young women out there who were born with limitations because they were born a girl. 

So today on the International Day of the Girl, I want to send my love and support to everyone in the world who is fighting for these girls, and all the girls who have the courage and the fortitude to fight for themselves. 


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