Better Late than Never

3 weeks past the National start date of school and my school is finally beginning to act like we are a place of learning. 

Honestly I think we deserve a round of applause for starting before November- which is what I was originally told our start date was because of all our financial problems from last year. 

Anyway, the important thing is that we are puttering to a start here. Cleaning classrooms, organizing desks, new teachers are arriving, adding and subtracting classes, etc.

This year I will be teaching 2 classes of the 7th grade equivalent (6éme) and 1 class of the 8th grade equivalent (5éme).

8th Grade Review Lesson: The Present Simple

This is both fantastic and painful. Though I really wanted to teach 8th grade again I’m a little upset to see how many of my kids from last year didn’t pass (which in this system means getting a 50% average after all the class grades are weighted then averaged together- which can be harder to pull of than it sounds) and have to repeat 8th grade. However, there is nothing I can do but make sure they at least do well in my class again this year. 

For my final year I’m really hoping to get a sexual education program up and running, and start a girls club with one of the gym teachers. Sadly neither projects got off the ground last year because of all the strikes, but hopefully this year they come to fruition. 

Wish me luck, and no extended strikes!


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