I woke up to the results of the election. 

Another volunteer shot a whatsapp message to those of us up for 7a.m. classes. 

I didn’t want to read it, and I didn’t want to hear any of it until after class when I could process the results alone. 

But the world, not only, waits for no woman; it doesn’t elect them either. 

I heard it from other volunteers, my parents, and other teachers all day long.

We aren’t happy about this.

-A French teacher 

All day I was ready to go home and sleep, but I had to teach.

I wanted space to process this result. I wanted everyone to shut their mouths, and leave me be!

I had no such luck. 

Everyone was talking about it, and as the only American for miles, I was being held accountable – or congratulated- and I wasn’t ready to accept the loss yet.

I want to congratulate you on choosing the best candidate!

-The philosophy teacher 

I was blocking out social media for days. I hadn’t been on Facebook in a week because I knew all the status would be about the President-elect. I’m still avoiding the net because I know I’m still processing- I’m still angry.

But I’m not just angry about the result, I’m angry about the whole election.

I’m angry about the xiophobia, the racism, the islamophbia, the assaults, the sexism, and so forth. 

I’m angry that Burkinabé who don’t think a woman can be president feel like they have been proven right. 

You really thought a woman could be president?

-An administrative person

I’m angry that this hate has a leader-elect. 

And I’m still processing how to be a representative of a country with a President-elect who’s values, and politics I call into question.

I’m processing this: Must my politics, and personhood give way to my responsibilities? 

I told you he would win. He’s going to invest in Africa, unlike Obama. 

-A history & geography teacher


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