Students say the darnedest things…

*Catches a student looking at another students paper during a test*

Me: What did I say about looking at someone else’s paper during the test?

Student: Not to do it but Misses I wasn’t looking at his paper I was asking what was number five.

Me: So you weren’t looking for the answers, you were just asking for them? Which I said is also cheating.

Student: …oh.

Me: *Making a face of complete disbelief.*


2 Replies to “Students say the darnedest things…”

  1. I have the same issues with students I teach (EFL) at a university, I mean I’d have thought by that age they’d have learnt not to cheat but apparently that’s not the case…

    1. Oh man especially at the University level this should be well known! Just have to keep reminding them of the rules and make sure they hold themselves to a higher standard of integrity.

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