The Future is Now: 10 Computers Later

After several busy months of (secretly) working with the Peace Corps, and my community ,the most amazing thing has happened- my school has been gifted 10 computers!


The project has been in the works since last May, when the Peace Corps selected 6 villages to receive 10 computers each. My site was selected because we are so isolated, thus students have a difficult time getting their hands on this type of technology. Now we will be able to start teaching computer literacy classes at my school, once the electricity arrives of course, in order to better prepare students for our modern word- especially those who plan to go to University.



Because this was such a huge deal for my community we had a little ceremony to celebrate their arrival. Students helped to unload the equipment while all of the professors, the Headmaster, the Chief of the Village, the Parent-Teacher Association, and the Mayor looked on (and helped set up).

During the ceremony students got to peek in and take a look at their new computers, the Headmaster showed us his mastery of Word Processor, and the Chief of the village gave some lovely benedictions for the school, the youths, and the Peace Corps.

Now that we are all set up everyone is anticipating the arrival of electricity (which has slowly been making its way to the farthest corners of the village). Once that happens my village will be considered a town before we know it!

From the Headmaster: All our thanks to the Peace Corps which has kindly offered us these gifts

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