It’s Laundry Day!

Laundry day is my least favorite day of the week, hands down.
Now I was never a huge fan even when I had access to a washer and dryer but now I have to do it all by hand and it’s quite tiresome.

My professional set up: Including a wash cycle (with a wash board) and two rinse cycles

Though there are some volunteers who have women in village who wash their laundry for them I still do mine myself, not because I haven’t had any luck finding anyone to do it but I was having trouble finding someone who would let me pay them! Everyone I asked said they would do it for free because I was a volunteer, which is super nice of them really.

My neighbors puppy being less than helpful


In hot season I have to get up early to get started washing my clothes to avoid doing so in the sweltering heat. By the time I’m finished it’s warm enough for everything to dry within an hour or two. However, in rainy season it can take days for clothes to dry properly.

The dryer

It’s very easy for me to allow clothes to build up because I don’t want to wash them, but when I finally do listening to pod casts or calling other volunteers while I’m washing helps the time pass faster. However, I really look forward to being able to use a washer and dryer again.


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