Ode to the Bush Taxi*

Oh bush taxi

With doors that don’t fully close, Windows that rattle, and seats that move like 4D rides at Disney

Oh bush taxi

Some bright, some white, and everywhere in sight

I love and hate your convenience

Your fine prices that attract the masses

And cram your isles so no one new passes

Oh bush taxi

Some so clean, others not so pristine

Fancy paint job

Not all the drivers mean.

Oh bush taxi

Roof stacked so high with things it’s defying gravity

So much so that foreigners think it a form of depravity

How many men does it take to fix a bush taxi? All of them. 

Oh bush taxi

You’re filled with dust, people and animals alike.

That’s right

Don’t step on your neighbors chicken or you’ll get a kicken

Man leaning over my back row seat while his rear hangs out the back door

Oh bush taxi

You ferry me too and fro

How could I possibly be your foe

You bump, you bound, you’re everywhere to be found

Some painted, some white, some oh so bright

Oh bush taxi

Is that driver drinking beer?

Are those people hanging onto your rear? Without fear?

A double: back door open and a man hanging on the back

Oh bush taxi

When you break down you make me frown

But I’ll wait

I mean, since I paid for this date.

*Written for a bush taxi, on a bush taxi


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