The Sex Ed Club does 8 Mars right

International Women’s Day is: A global  holiday to recognize women’s achievements and to encourage gender parity.

International Women’s Day, or 8 Mars, is considered such a big deal in Burkina that everyone has the day off, thus making it a perfect day to round up the students and talk about gender equality, women’s empowerment, and in my case, how safe sex relates to it all.

Léa addresses the students like a boss

So a few weeks ago Léa and I decided that we were going to organize 4 teams of girls, between the public and private school, so they could play soccer (which is usually a male dominate sport in Burkina) and learn about family planning. 

Léa and I frequently preach the importance of using condoms to guard against unwanted pregnancy and sexual infection transmission, we even managed to talk about it during our menstrual health session, but today we mixed it up by tying in other contraceptive methods, and getting the students more involved in presentations. 

Two students show how to properly put on and take off a condom

Before and after a few rousing games of soccer students presented on all the methods of contraception, and talked about the benefits of family planning, and how safe sex and family planning can empower women.

Student presenter shows off an example of birth control pills

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