Closing Time: COS Conference

So this is it, now that Close of Service (COS) conference has happened it has started to really feel like we are approaching the end of service.

The prospect of leaving aside, COS conference was a major reunion for my service group (G32). Since G32 is strewn all over the country it’s been more than 6 months since I have seen certain members of this lovely little group.

So despite the fact that COS conference is really all about talking about your accomplishments during you service, how to say goodbye to all your village friends, and preparing you for the future; the volunteers are way more interested in catching up with each other and stuffing ourselves with as much good food as possible (only out of PC sessions of course).

Now even though the end is nigh I still have a couple months left in village before I take that final trip back to the States. In these next few months I will be: closing out the last trimester of teaching, fitting in another session or two with my sexual education club, trying to squeeze in a summer camp, and playing host to my dad who wants to get in a last minute visit. I’m also beginning to put a lot of thought into what I’m going to do with all the stuff I’ve managed to accumulate over the past 22 months, what I plan to do with myself after I leave Burkina, and how I’m going to say good bye to all my favorite students and friends! Considering that I’m trying to get approved for a July departure date, there really isn’t much time left at all.

So the next few months are going to be dedicated to keeping myself organized, and trying to make some crucial decisions- like who’s going to be my cats new parent.

Though this all sounds pretty hectic I think I’m already doing a decent job. I’ve planned out my lessons and tests for my students, I’ve been preparing Graduate school applications for months, I’m dropping hints to everyone in village that it’s almost time for me to leave, and I’m making tentative lists on how I plan to give my things to. Having a Type A personality can come in handy in times likes these. Nevertheless, wish my luck in my last 3ish months!

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