May God grant you safe travels, and may God bring you home safely*

In 12 hours I am officially a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer (RPCV). In 14 hours I’ll be leaving Burkina Faso.

I closed out my last month as a volunteer I helped organize and facilitate a camp for 50 students from 6 different villages. We worked together to learn about healthy relationships, gender based violence, the importance of education, and physical and sexual health. The last day was spent visiting the local natural attractions the Peaks of Sindou and the Cascades.

Slow packing and time with friends consumed my last few weeks in village. I took my time enjoying the harmonious rapid chatter of teenage boys, and the mesmerizing view of traditional tea being sloshed back and forth between cups to mix in the sugar.

In my last 3 days I was visited by my replacement. He will be taking over my teaching position and all my little projects. We met everyone who’s anyone, including my best friends.

The final morning my favorite student, and a village friend, helped us take all my things to the bush taxi. I had my final loaf of village bread, I took my last picture with my best friend Carass, clambered onto the bush taxi, and left village for good.

My Close of Service (COS) week has flown by. My paper work is done, my flight is booked, and I am officially done with my service. I’ll be spending a week in Morocco with a couple volunteers who are also COSing before meeting up with my dad in Egypt. Then I’m U.S. bound.

Thank you Burkina Faso, thank you to all my Burkinabe friends, thank you to all my students, thank you members of G32, and thank you to my ever supportive friends and family.

*Allah ka le mahn do, ni Allah ka le mahn sigi,


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