“You still have a blog, right?” Mom asked

Yes, I have a blog. A long-abandoned Peace Corps blog with 99 posts and 7
drafts of half-told stories dating back to 2015. So much has transpired, so
much has happened since I COSd and I haven’t written down a single thing.

Did I do that COS trip to Morocco and Egypt? Sure did. And after that? Well, I
came home, I went to grad school (switched grad schools), did some traveling
along the east coast, studied abroad in Senegal (got extremely sick in
Senegal), came home and finished grad school during the COVID 19 pandemic,
watched as my fellow citizens (kinda) woke up to the state of racial inequality
in this country, watched as we politically continued to fall apart while
looking for a job, and 10 months and 152 job applications later finally got a
job. That is, needless to say, quite a lot but also not when you see it takes
less than 100 words to summarize.

So, after so much time and so many events what am I doing here? Really, who
knows? I think I’ll be read and editing old posts. I’ll be updating the look of
the blog. I might post some of these old drafts, tell a couple of stories,
reflect, and/or none of those things.

So, let’s see how this goes.

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