PC Timeline

Application timeline from 2013-2015

December 26, 2013- Submitted my application and received/ completed my health history form.

February 9, 2014- Not contacted within 2-3 weeks of submitting application and health history form. Sent an e-mail to inquire.

February 10- Received an e-mail telling me to “sit tight” as there has been a backlog due to technical issues.

February 26-  Received an e-mail informing me that I have been moved forward to schedule an interview within 2 weeks. Asked to resubmit resume/CV as the system has been having issues.

March 11- Received a call from New York office. Informed that I qualify for the Education sector.

March 14- Received another e-mail informing me that I have been moved forward to the next step (schedule an interview).

March 17- Received an e-mail from on campus recruiter to schedule an interview.

March 31- Interview with recruiter

April 4- Received an e-mail informing me that the programs I qualify for (Secondary Education English Teaching and Community Development) have no openings and my nomination will be put on hold until May

April 30-Called by recruiter to discuss potential country placement for the Education sector in Togo, Cameroon, Burkina Faso or Benin.

May 1- Officially nominated for Cameroon May 2015 as a Secondary English teacher.

May 7- Received legal kit in the mail: request for finger prints

May 11- Graduated from The Pennsylvania State University

May 21- Legal kit received by PC

July 8- Issued a medical pre-clearance

July 22- Issued a legal pre-clearance

Sept 12- Moved country of service from Cameroon to Burkina Faso

Nov 13 to 17- Received and turned in “skill desk questions.” Updated resume and final transcripts

Nov 19- Given official invitation to serve as a PCV in Burkina Faso

Nov 25 to Dec 10- Given access to the Peace Corps Learning Space and new tasks posted for the final medical clearance.

Feb 9, 2015- Submitted all health paperwork

March 2 – Medically Cleared

June 4 to 6- Staging Days

June 8- Land in Burkina Faso

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